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Car Parking Game: Free Roam and Multiplayer Mode

Motorcycle Parking: Motorcycles may park free of charge in designated motorcycle parking areas. If you park in a numbered stall in the daily fee area, the parking fee is required from 4am to 3pm, Monday through Friday.

BART Official App: Use to purchase Daily Fee, Reserved (single/multi-day, monthly and EV), Carpool, and Non-BART parking. Download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and pay with credit/debit card, Venmo, or PayPal. Clipper balance may not be used to pay for parking.

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Pay either ten minutes before or after entering the faregates. If you delay payment, a citation may already have been issued by the time you remember you did not pay. Use the Clipper card registered in your parking account to enter the fare gates to show you are a BART rider.

Non-BART parking is for those parking at BART in the early morning (between 3:15 and 5:30 am) and catching connecting Early Bird Express bus service. These users do not need to be BART riders and should park in the Daily Fee area.

Parking lots are designated by pass, color and lot number. Guests are encouraged to adhere to posted signs and instructions from event personnel. All guests must be in possession of a valid event ticket, pass or credential to park in a designated parking lot.

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Prices for parking passes may differ by event. Credit card lots will be available but limited on event day and may cost more than pre-paid parking passes. Refunds will not be made for lost, stolen or unused parking passes. A refund or credit will be made only for event cancellations.

Charter Buses/ Booster ClubsBuses that wish to tailgate must contact 408-579-4449 to purchase parking in advance. In an effort to streamline charter bus parking operations, we have decided to relocate the designated charter bus drop-off/pick-up and parking area to the west side of Green Lot 1. Please adhere to the following directions to enter the designated parking area for charter buses.

Upon arrival, you will be directed to park in the assigned space by our parking lot attendants. Your guests will be dropped off at this location and your bus will remain there for the duration of the event. Upon completion of the event, please instruct your patrons to return back to your parking location to board the bus. Within 45 minutes after the completion of the event, you will be allowed to exit through a designated gate onto Old Glory Lane. Upon exiting, you will be instructed to head north on Great America Parkway and follow transportation personnel for egress.

To avoid waiting for pay kiosks at transit centers, VTA recommends its riders to pay in advance for parking permits online at (for daily, long-term and monthly permits), or on their smartphone via the Passport app (for daily permits only). The Passport app is available on the App store and Google Play store.

There are specified parking spaces available for persons with disabilities, carpool/van pool, electric vehicles, and motorcycles. Electric vehicle charging costs $1.00 per hour while you are charging in addition to your parking permit.

Remember your license plate number as you need it to pay for parking. Pay stations accept all major credit cards and $1 and $5 bills. As no change is provided from the pay stations, a change machine is in each parking garage to break larger bills into smaller bills.

This parking information is to help you on your trip to Citizens Bank Park. Please be aware that there are a number of parking lots surrounding the ballpark. It is recommended that you arrive early and park in the first available lot.

Preferred parking customers should use their preferred parking pass to gain entry to a parking lot. Some lots are exclusive to preferred customers only (see map). There are no assigned parking spots within the lots.

Tailgating will be permitted in the following parking lots: A-H, M, N & O. Tailgating is not permitted in parking lots West of Darien Street and North of Pattison Avenue. Tailgating lots will open five hours prior to the schedule start time. Non-tailgating lots will open three hours prior to the scheduled start time.

Fans attending games are encouraged to park in Phillies designated lots rather than the Philly Live! casino parking on North 10th Street (see map). Preferred and Pre-Paid parking passes will not be accepted in the Philly Live! casino lots.

The UNL Parking & Transit Services develops and manages all forms of campus parking and bus transit services in a safe and reliable manner. Learn campus parking rules and procedures. Use StarTran buses and campus vans safely and conveniently.

Visitor parking at select building locations, convenient metered and garage parking options are available. Reciprocal parking for other University of Nebraska campuses and departmental guest permits are also available.

UNL offers Passport Parking, a pay-by-cell service at UNL-controlled metered parking spaces. With Passport, users securely pay for meter parking with a smart phone app. Users receive reminders and can add time to their meter from anywhere. The city of Lincoln and Omaha have also partnered with Passport to allow you to conveniently pay for city-owned metered parking spots using the same app.

UNL offers a Carpool Program that allows at least 2 full time UNL employees to share a vehicle for the price of a regular non-reserve parking permit. This program is part of UNL's effort to be more environmentally friendly by reducing auto emissions. Carpool members also benefits from time and financial-savings. For more information on how to participate, go here.

Kakaako is a 16 minute drive from the Honolulu International Airport.Show moreShow lessCar Rental in KakaakoThere are six Hui car rental locations in the Kakaako neighborhood conveniently located next to major residential condominiums. All Hui Car Share locations, even those within the condominiums, are accessible to the public and the parking is free (as long as you park in the Hui stall you picked the car up from).

Downtown Honolulu is a 15 minute drive from the Honolulu International Airport.Show moreShow lessCar Rental in Downtown HonoluluThere are six Hui car rental locations in the heart of Downtown Honolulu. All Hui Car Share locations in this neighborhood, even those within parking garages, are accessible to the public and the parking is free (as long as you park in the Hui stall you picked the car up from).

Police in Elgin, Texas say 25-year-old Pedro Tello Rodriguez Jr. faces a third-degree felony count of deadly conduct after an early-morning shooting in an H-E-B parking lot. Elgin Police Department hide caption

Police say officers were dispatched to the H-E-B parking lot around 12:15 a.m. on Tuesday after reports of shots fired. While there, they received another call about a shooting victim about 2 miles away, and determined that the two incidents were related.

Need to run errands uninterrupted? Heading down to the beach for a full day of sunshine? Available in more than 400 cites across the U.S., ParkMobile gives you the ability to park, pay, and extend your parking session right from the palm of your hand. Leave your toes in the sand while enjoying your summer beach day, no need to run back to feed the meter! You can extend your parking right from your mobile device.

We encourage city residents currently using credit cards for parking meters to download the Passport parking application as parking meters will lose the capacity to support on-sight credit card transactions at the end of 2020. The Passport Parking App allows you to conveniently pay for parking from anywhere by your mobile device.

You no longer need to drive around in circles looking for an open spot. To make it easy to find parking, Available Parking signs are located around the Center to help you navigate to available stalls. Parking decks are also equipped with enhanced interactive technology that features true parking guidance with overhead LED green and red light indicators to give the most accurate, real-time update of available vs. occupied parking stalls.

The Parking Availability map features real-time parking information! Simply check this map to see which parking lots have the most availability, click on the parking lot you're interested in, then click Get Directions and you'll be on your way to finding a parking spot quickly and smoothly.

Additional self-parking is also available across the street at 100 Spectrum Center Drive. Parking in this deck is FREE for guests of Irvine Spectrum Center Monday - Friday, after 6pm and on weekends ONLY. Otherwise, there is a cost to park in this garage.

WHAT ZONE AM I PARKED IN?Each garage has only 1 zone number. Zone numbers are posted on signs at garage entrance, by parking spaces, in the elevator, within stairwell lobbies and at the pay stations. Here is a map of the locations for your reference (link to map)

WHAT IF I HAVE A DISABLED PLACARD OR PLATE?Customers with a DMV-issued disabled placard or permit will be able to park in designated parking spots both on-street and in the parking garages. Parking rates apply.

DOES RESTON TOWN CENTER HAVE PUBLIC TRANSIT ACCESS OR BIKE PARKING?While we encourage customers to take advantage of free parking on weekends, week nights after 5:00 pm, major events, and holidays, Reston Town Center also has bicycle parking and access to public transportation systems. More information is available at

Reston Town Center has partnered with Fairfax County to place a Capital Bikeshare location within Reston Town Center at the corner of Library St. and Freedom Dr. We plan to add additional bicycle parking throughout Reston Town Center.

Participating shops and restaurants, the fitness center and cinema will provide validation options. The validation code will be given by participating retailers and can be entered into the ParkRTC app or the credit card Pay Stations in one of the four garages. Please see or contact shops or restaurants directly for more information.

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