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Bb King Songbook Pdf 15

Following his first Billboard Rhythm and Blues charted number one, "3 O'Clock Blues" (February 1952),[34] B.B. King became one of the most important names in R&B music in the 1950s, amassing an impressive list of hits[25] including "You Know I Love You", "Woke Up This Morning", "Please Love Me", "When My Heart Beats Like a Hammer", "Whole Lotta Love", "You Upset Me Baby", "Every Day I Have the Blues", "Sneakin' Around", "Ten Long Years", "Bad Luck", "Sweet Little Angel", "On My Word of Honor", and "Please Accept My Love". This led to a significant increase in his weekly earnings, from about $85 to $2,500,[35][36] with appearances at major venues such as the Howard Theater in Washington and the Apollo in New York, as well as touring the "Chitlin' Circuit". 1956 became a record-breaking year, with 342 concerts booked and three recording sessions.[37] That same year he founded his own record label, Blues Boys Kingdom, with headquarters at Beale Street in Memphis. There, among other projects, he was a producer for artists such as Millard Lee and Levi Seabury.[15] In 1962, King signed to ABC-Paramount Records, which was later absorbed into MCA Records (which itself was later absorbed into Geffen Records). In November 1964, King recorded the Live at the Regal album at the Regal Theater.[34] King later said that Regal Live "is considered by some the best recording I've ever had ... that particular day in Chicago everything came together."[38]

Bb King Songbook Pdf 15

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In June 2006, King was present at a memorial of his first radio broadcast at the Three Deuces Building in Greenwood, Mississippi, where an official marker of the Mississippi Blues Trail was erected. The same month, a groundbreaking was held for a new museum, dedicated to King,[50] in Indianola, Mississippi.[51] The B.B. King Museum and Delta Interpretive Center opened on September 13, 2008.[52]

In 1991, Beale Street developer John Elkington recruited B.B. King to Memphis to open the original B.B. King's Blues Club, and in 1994, a second club was launched at Universal Citywalk in Los Angeles. A third club in New York City's Times Square opened in June 2000 but closed on April 29, 2018. Management is currently in the process of finding a new location in New York City.[76] Two more clubs opened, at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut in January 2002,[77] and in Nashville in 2003.[78] Another club opened in Orlando in 2007.[79] A club in West Palm Beach opened in the fall of 2009[80] and an additional one, based in the Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas, opened in the winter of 2009.[81]Another opened in the New Orleans French Quarter in 2016.[82]

The cut features the late great B.B. King. Today, K.R.I.T. explained how working with King in the studio "blew his mind." The track is a remarkable example of how King's Blues and hip-hop's soul meshed well.

What about the Wolf? What was so unique about Howlin'? His voice. He had a voice that was so different, and it still gets to you. Literally speaking, I could not name the tone exact, but I could tell you he had, to me, kind of a rough sound. By God, it could get to you, you know. He was Howlin' Wolf, nobody sounds like him.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a kind comment Linda, I really appreciate it. I am very glad to hear that you found the article helpful, and if there is any element of the B.B. King box or your playing I can help with, please do get in touch. You can reach me on and I am always around and happy to help! ?

Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a kind comment John, it made my day! I am very glad to hear that you found the article helpful, and I hope that you are now dialling in some of those beautiful B.B. King style blues licks ? If you do ever have any questions about your playing though or if there is anything that I can help with, just let me know. You can reach me on and I am always around and happy to help!

Riley B. King was born on September 16, 1925, between Itta Bena and Indianola, Mississippi. His parents split up when he was a small child, and he lived for a few years with his mother in the Mississippi hills. She died when he was nine, and he was alone until his father, Albert King, found him a few years later. Working on a cotton plantation in Indianola, he earned $22.50 a week. "I guess the earliest sound of blues that I can remember was in the fields while people would be pickin' cotton or choppin' or somethin'." King noted in a 1988 Living Blues interview cited in Contemporary Musicians. "When I sing and play now I can hear those same sounds that I used to hear then as a kid."

King has been married and divorced twice. He has fifteen children and has often expressed regret that his heavy touring schedule prevented him from being around to see them grow up. He was faced with a heartbreaking situation in 1992 when he played at a jail in Gainesville, Florida; among the inmates there was his daughter Patty, who was serving time on drug charges. By the time he reached his late sixties, King had slowed down his performance schedule somewhat, though he still toured regularly. In 1994 he played a concert at the Hard Rock Café in Beijing, China. He was by now playing Lucille the Fifteenth. "We've spent 40 years together," he said to Ebony. "She likes younger men but puts up with me."

Leigh Fuge is a guitar teacher and professional musician from Swansea, UK. He has taught hundreds of students face to face and via the MGR Music platform. He has more than 10 years of experience working as a touring musician, session guitarist and teacher. Visit to find out about guitar tutors in your area.


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Best of 2019: (opens in new tab) The late BB King, also known as the King Of The Blues, was one of the hardest working bluesmen in history, performing an average of 300 shows a year well into his 70s.

The gentle lilt of the 12/8 time backing music lends itself to lots of expressive string bends. A hint of overdrive and a splash of reverb helps to set the stage. Take all the time you need to get the pitching accurate on those bends and aim for an un-rushed and laid back performance.

On the evening of April 4, 1968, while standing on the balcony of his motel room in Memphis, Tennessee, where he was to lead a protest march in sympathy with striking garbage workers of that city, he was assassinated. 350c69d7ab

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